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Minikube has a set of built in addons that can be used enabled, disabled, and opened inside of the local k8s environment. Below is an example of this functionality for the heapster addon:

$ minikube addons list
- registry: disabled
- registry-creds: disabled
- freshpod: disabled
- addon-manager: enabled
- dashboard: enabled
- heapster: disabled
- efk: disabled
- ingress: disabled
- default-storageclass: enabled
- storage-provisioner: enabled
- storage-provisioner-gluster: disabled
- nvidia-driver-installer: disabled
- nvidia-gpu-device-plugin: disabled

# minikube must be running for these commands to take effect
$ minikube addons enable heapster
heapster was successfully enabled

$ minikube addons open heapster # This will open grafana (interacting w/ heapster) in the browser
Waiting, endpoint for service is not ready yet...
Waiting, endpoint for service is not ready yet...
Created new window in existing browser session.

The currently supported addons include:

If you would like to have minikube properly start/restart custom addons, place the addon(s) you wish to be launched with minikube in the .minikube/addons directory. Addons in this folder will be moved to the minikube VM and launched each time minikube is started/restarted.

If you have a request for an addon in minikube, please open an issue with the name and preferably a link to the addon with a description of its purpose and why it should be added. You can also attempt to add the addon to minikube by following the guide at Adding an Addon

Note: If you want to have a look at the default configuration for the addons, see deploy/addons.