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How to contribute to minikube

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title: "Contributor Guide"
date: 2019-07-31
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How to become a minikube contributor

### Code of Conduct

Be excellent to each another. Please refer to our [Kubernetes Community Code of Conduct](

### License Agreement

We'd love to accept your patches! Before we can take them, [please fill out either the individual or corporate Contributor License Agreement (CLA)](

### Finding issues to work on

* ["good first issue"]( - issues where there is a clear path to resolution
* ["help wanted"]( - any issue where we've identified a need, but not the resources to work on it.
* High impact issues are labelled as *priority/important-soon* or *priority/important-longterm*
* Ask on the #minikube Slack if you aren't sure

Once you've discovered an issue to work on:

* add a comment mentioning that you plan to work on the issue
* send a PR out that mentions the issue
* Once there is a PR, comment on the issue with `/assign` to assign it to yourself

### Contributing A Patch

1. Submit an issue describing your proposed change
2. A reviewer will respond to your issue promptly.
3. If your proposed change is accepted, and you haven't already done so, sign a Contributor License Agreement (see details above).
4. Fork the minikube repo, develop and test your code changes.
5. Submit a pull request.

### Style Guides

For coding, refer to the [Kubernetes Coding Conventions](

For documentation, refer to the [Kubernetes Documentation Style Guide](
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title: "Releasing"
date: 2019-07-31
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description: >
How to release minikube

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