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Support for predictable IP's across restarts #951

RaeesBhatti opened this issue Dec 28, 2016 · 72 comments

Support for predictable IP's across restarts #951

RaeesBhatti opened this issue Dec 28, 2016 · 72 comments
area/networking networking issues kind/feature Categorizes issue or PR as related to a new feature. triage/unresolved Indicates an issue that can not or will not be resolved.


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Minikube version (use minikube version): v0.14.0


  • OS : macOS Sierra 1.12.1
  • VM Driver : xhyve
  • Docker version: 1.11.1
  • Install tools:
  • Others:

What happened:
Minikube changes IP address when recreated.

What you expected to happen:
Minikube should retain the IP address when deleted and created again.

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible):

  • minikube start --vm-driver=xhyve
  • minikube ip (note the IP address)
  • minikube stop
  • minikube delete
  • minikube start --vm-driver=xhyve
  • minikube ip (IP address has changed)

Anything else do we need to know:
I have several things configured to Minikube's IP address and have to recreate it occasionally. They all have to be reconfigured each time. It would be convenient to have Minikube not change its IP address after deleting and recreating.

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ankon commented Dec 28, 2016

This also happens with the kvm driver, but not with the virtualbox driver.

Would be great if one could force a fixed IP address when using minikube start, independent of the driver.

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r2d4 commented Dec 28, 2016

There is an option with the xhyve driver to set a static IP. By setting a static UUID here [0], you can ensure that you get the same IP across deletes/starts. We had this feature enabled for awhile but disabled it again because there were some issues. The discussion of the issues starts with this comment and continues in this issue. [1]

I think that this is a great feature to have, we just need to figure out the networking issues.

[1] #708 (comment)

@r2d4 r2d4 added driver/kvm co/xhyve kind/feature Categorizes issue or PR as related to a new feature. labels Dec 28, 2016
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Same here. I have been seeing the issue that the IP address of VM changes across restarts.
It happens only with --vm-driver=kvm, not with --vm-driver=virtualbox. I don't know about the xhyve driver.

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I'm seeing this with the xhyve driver as well. Any updates on a fix?

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tmirks commented Mar 27, 2017

@georgecrawford There's a workaround by manually (or programmatically) updating /var/db/dhcpd_leases. I believe you can just delete the contents (make a backup just in case).

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ankon commented Apr 6, 2017

I've by now seen this also with the virtualbox driver: typically my VM is, but sometimes it ends up as .101 or similar. Removing the minikube VM in those cases seems to help.

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gheibia commented Apr 15, 2017

Same issue here. I'm using KVM and I don't even delete the cluster. I simply stop and start it again. I even tried to change dnsmasq's configuration to limit the DHCP​'s address range. Didn't make a difference.

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n-k commented May 17, 2017

Same issue with vmwarefusion driver on OSX.

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Also occurring for minikube v0.19.0 with Virtualbox 5.1.18 on Windows 10 x64 Build 14393.1198.

  1. minikube start
  2. minikube ip (note the IP address)
  3. minikube stop
  4. minikube delete
  5. minikube start
  6. minikube ip (IP address has changed)

Assigned IP address has so far incremented from to

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andziak commented Jun 21, 2017

The IP address for Minikube changes on Max OS with xhyve driver. It would be great to use static IP address as we're developing apps in Pycharm remotely on Minikube pods. This way we have a full working copy of the whole environment on developer's machine. When IP changes, we need to reconfigure dozen projects in Pycharm which takes lots of time.

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its, would be great to have feature set static ip in minikube, any temp solution for this ?

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garethr commented Aug 10, 2017

I've also seen this with the Hyper-V driver. Stopping and starting appears to fix the issue until you connect to a new network.

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Yeah, this isn't a feature, as it makes dnsmasq harder to configure. Now you can't map domain names to a single IP. Looking for any workaround here.

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dgoldssfo commented Aug 23, 2017

@squillace On Mac:

minikube start
minikube ip (for me, 192,168.99.100)
minikube stop; minikube delete
Stop/quiesce all running VMs
sudo /Library/Application\ Support/VirtualBox/LaunchDaemons/ restart
minikube start
minikube ip (192,168.99.100 like I want and not

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Having the DHCP addresses reset after a login/logout or some other trick isn't a good solution. What if I want to work on minishift for a while before I start up minikube? What if I have a test kitchen run running that uses VirtualBox?
You need a clear way to set a static address for minikube (and thus you can create a hosts entry for it as well). Something --ip-address

The solution that micheletedeschi posts (there's 2 comments from him) in docker/machine#1709 works pretty well for docker-machine. If minikube had a similar way to run arbitrary scripts at boot up then that would be one quick way to solve the problem in a way that doesn't remove the option for a command line flag in the future.

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I agree, it's a workaround/hack and it should only be used in situations where you don't have a bunch of other VMs that you need to worry about running on VirtualBox. I should have indicated that in my previous post, thanks for posting this.

And yes, minikube definitely needs to have a way to use a static IP.

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gbraad commented Aug 24, 2017

Although I am now experimenting with adding an option --ip-address to minishift: minishift/minishift#1293 this is not easy for each hypervisor. The workarounds used allow the VM to get an IP address from the hypervisors DHCP server, and then change it in-place with the given option.

In my case, I am experimenting with Hyper-V as it allows to pass data to the VM, but so far I none of the other hypervisors do this. This means that the value can be passed into the VM before it has even tried to get an IP address (before the docker-machine provisioning started). Since it would several problems we have with Hyper-V: minishift/minishift#418 #1627 it is my focus for the moment.

If you have other suggestions, please let me know... especially when it concerns the other hypervisors.

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gbraad commented Sep 1, 2017

Static IP address option for Minishift using HyperV is being worked on as minishift/minishift#1316. I am coordinating with @aaron-prindle to see if this can also work for minikube.

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gbraad commented Sep 27, 2017

PR with a possible solution is available at Minishift's repo for testing. Instructions are here: minishift/minishift#1316 (comment)
If results are usable, we will also integrate this in minikube and the iso.

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The link above helped me with VMWare Fusion

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JavaJung commented Jan 5, 2018

New user of minikube and kubernetes-cli here. I have this issue of changing minikube ip too, on mac. The driver is Hyperkit commit 3e3161, minikube v0.24.1, kubectl 1.8.0 (client and server).

If it will be possible to integrate setting a static ip for the VM in minikube, would that work for every driver?

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Same issue, doesn't matter which vm driver used.

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Hi @gbraad,
any news on this issue, e.g. an ETA?

Best regards!

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styk-tv commented Mar 6, 2018

So --vm-driver=virtualbox has no effect on my Mac. Start-Stop-Start will still rotate. It seems they go from 100 to 103 and then repeat.

I was experimenting with export HOSTALIASES (you can have your userspace personal hosts file. Works on Ubuntu, HOWEVER not working on Mac) Would be nice to just map minikube.local and then output that local hosts file.

Well i still decided to go that path with sudo to update /etc/hosts. (after minikube start) Not ideal but it works. All provisioning scripts after that reference minikube.local hostname.

EDIT: use below at your own risk. test on a copy of hosts first before you set against your system file. Tested on Macbook. It detects the line with minikube and replaces entire line with new line and new ip - puts a tab in between. Yes it asks for root pass, yes its bad, yes it works.

sudo sed -i -e 's/.*minikube.*/'$(minikube ip)$'\tminikube.local/' /etc/hosts

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  1. Set configuration context $ kubectl config use-context k8s
    List all PVs sorted by name, saving the full kubectl output to /opt/KUCC0010/my_volumes . Use
    kubectl s own functionally for sorting the output, and do not manipulate it any further.
    Question weight 3%
    $kubectl get pv --all-namespaces --sort-by="" >>
    /opt/KUCC0010/my_volumes or
    $kubectl get pv --all-namespaces --sort-by="" >>

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marxangels commented Mar 30, 2019

C:\Users\trump\.VirtualBox\HostInterfaceNetworking-VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter-Dhcpd.leases

using vbox under win10, just edit such file, change the ip and restart minikube.

@tstromberg tstromberg added the lifecycle/frozen Indicates that an issue or PR should not be auto-closed due to staleness. label May 14, 2019
@tstromberg tstromberg added priority/important-longterm Important over the long term, but may not be staffed and/or may need multiple releases to complete. r/2019q2 Issue was last reviewed 2019q2 and removed priority/backlog Higher priority than priority/awaiting-more-evidence. labels May 22, 2019
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matti commented Jun 9, 2019

hyperkit has uuid which is used in MAC address generation, when you start the machine with UUID like

minikube start -p makkara-1 --vm-driver hyperkit --uuid 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001 --cpus 12 --memory 2048

the MAC address stays the same even if you delete the machine - the IP addresses can be changed in /var/db/dhcpd_leases the address must be in 192.168.64.xx because /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ sets the address range. I haven't tried changing that range.

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stafot commented Jun 19, 2019

Based on comments #951 (comment) , #951 (comment) I created a multi OS support variant of the "workaround" script because I needed to support both MacOS and Linux systems.
Is here for anyone might find it useful.

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Maybe I can help someone else. First I put VBox 6.* and then I had a problem with changing the ip address, then I made downgrade on VBox 5.2.

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A bit heavy handed way to guarantee minikube gets everytime with virtualbox.

function minikube_reset_vbox_dhcp_leases() {
  # # Reset Virtualbox DHCP Lease Info
  common_message_print "Resetting Virtualbox DHCP Lease Info..."
  kill -9 $(ps aux |grep -i "vboxsvc\|vboxnetdhcp" | awk '{print $2}') 2>/dev/null

  if [[ -f ~/Library/VirtualBox/HostInterfaceNetworking-vboxnet0-Dhcpd.leases ]] ; then
    rm  ~/Library/VirtualBox/HostInterfaceNetworking-vboxnet0-Dhcpd.leases


I experienced a bit unstable VirtualBox Manager (GUI) with this.

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strowi commented Aug 19, 2019


for anyone interested, i worked around this with a simple static ip. Disadvantage is, its not returned with "minikube ip". But since i can configure it thats not a big problem..
minikube ssh "sudo ifconfig eth0:0"


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tstromberg commented Dec 19, 2019

Marking as a backlog item, because I don't believe this will be likely possible to do consistently across hypervisors until we migrate away from libmachine to something like terraform.

@tstromberg tstromberg added priority/backlog Higher priority than priority/awaiting-more-evidence. and removed priority/important-longterm Important over the long term, but may not be staffed and/or may need multiple releases to complete. r/2019q2 Issue was last reviewed 2019q2 labels Dec 19, 2019
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This is still an ongoing thing for me as well. Do we have any additional information in regards to this?

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pwhissell commented Mar 6, 2020

The lease deletion workaround implemented as a bash script for ubuntu users:

minikube stop
mkdir ~/.config/VirtualBox/leasebackup/
mv ~/.config/VirtualBox/*.leases ~/.config/VirtualBox/leasebackup/
mv ~/.config/VirtualBox/*.leases-prev ~/.config/VirtualBox/leasebackup/
VBoxManage hostonlyif remove vboxnet0

-- edit:
All vms and vbox services must be shutdown before restarting minikube

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medyagh commented Apr 20, 2020

on docker driver we could do this : #7756

I would be happy for anyone who like to pick that issue first for docker driver, and then later we could do same logic for KVM and virtualbox

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I'm closing this admittedly popular, but overly broad issue, because it is effectively unsolvable for all drivers we interact with.

It is not currently a priority for the maintainers to address this issue, but PR's are certainly welcome to introduce predictable IP support for a particular driver. I caution that doing so may be tricky, particularly when running multi-cluster and/or multi-node configurations.

@tstromberg tstromberg added triage/unresolved Indicates an issue that can not or will not be resolved. and removed help wanted Denotes an issue that needs help from a contributor. Must meet "help wanted" guidelines. lifecycle/frozen Indicates that an issue or PR should not be auto-closed due to staleness. priority/backlog Higher priority than priority/awaiting-more-evidence. labels Apr 23, 2020
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matti commented Apr 24, 2020 via email

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