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This project is the repo for, the production OCI registry service for Kubernetes' container image artifacts


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This project implements the backend for, Kubernetes's container image registry.

Known user-facing issues will be pinned at the top of our issue tracker.

For details on the implementation see cmd/archeio

The community deployment configs are documented at in the repo with the rest of the community infra deployments, but primarily here.

For publishing to, refer to the docs at in under

Stability is GA and we ask that all users migrate from as soon as possible.

However, unequivocally: DO NOT depend on the implementation details of this registry.

Please note that there is NO uptime SLA as this is a free, volunteer managed service. We will however do our best to respond to issues and the system is designed to be reliable and low-maintenance. If you need higher uptime guarantees please consider mirroring images to a location you control.

Other than serving an OCI compliant registry: API endpoints, IP addresses, and backing services used are subject to change at anytime as new resources become available or as otherwise necessary.

If you need to allow-list domains or IPs in your environment, we highly recommend mirroring images to a location you control instead.

The Kubernetes project is currently sending traffic to GCP and AWS thanks to their donations but we hope to redirect traffic to more sponsors and their respective API endpoints in the future to keep the project sustainable.

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This project abides by the Linux Foundation privacy policy, as documented at


Previously all of Kubernetes' image hosting has been out of ("Google Container Registry").

We've incurred significant egress traffic costs from users on other cloud providers in particular in doing so, severely limiting our ability to use the GCP credits from Google for purposes other than hosting end-user downloads.

We're now moving to shift all traffic behind a community controlled domain, so we can quickly implement cost-cutting measures like serving the bulk of the traffic for AWS-users from AWS-local storage funded by Amazon, or potentially leveraging other providers in the future.

For additional context on why we did this and what we're changing about kubernetes images see:

Essentially, this repo implements the backend sources for the steps outlined there.

For a talk with more details see: "Why We Moved the Kubernetes Image Registry"

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You can reach the maintainers of this project at:

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