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SIG Release


  • Production of high quality Kubernetes releases on a reliable schedule
  • Ensure there is a consistent group of community members in place to support the release process
  • Provide guidance and tooling to facilitate the production of automated releases
  • Serve as a tightly integrated partner with other SIGs to empower SIGs to integrate their repositories into the release process

Join us!


  • Ensuring high quality Kubernetes releases
    • Define and staff release roles to manage the resolution of release blocking criteria
    • Define and drive development processes (e.g. merge queues, cherrypicks) and release processes (e.g. burndown meetings, cutting beta releases) with the intent of meeting the release schedule
    • Manage the creation of release specific artifacts including
      • Code branches
      • Binary distributions
      • Release notes
  • Continually improving release and development processes
    • Work closely with SIG Contributor Experience to define and build tools to facilitate release process (e.g. dashboards)
    • Work with downstream communities responsible for packaging Kubernetes releases
    • Work with other SIGs to agree upon the responsibilities of their SIG with respect to the release
    • Define and collect metrics related to the release in order to measure progress over each release
  • Collaboration with downstream communities which build artifacts from Kubernetes releases
    • Ensure the appropriate level of integration with publishing the OSS build artifacts

Release Team

Several of the responsibilities of SIG Release are discharged by the Release Team, a subproject of SIG Release. Explicit details on each of the roles can be found in the Release Team subproject directory.