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Role Name (GitHub / Slack ID) Shadow Name(s) (GitHub / Slack ID)
Lead Claire Laurence (@claurence) Lachlan Evenson (@lachie83), Niko Penteridis (@nikopen), Tim Pepper (@tpepper)
Enhancements Kendrick Coleman (@kacole2 / Slack: @kacole2) Bob Killen (@mrbobbytables / Slack: @mrbobbytables), Craig Peters (@craiglpeters / Slack: @craiglpeters)
CI Signal Jorge Alarcon (@alejandrox1 /Slack: @alejandrox1) Jim Angel (@jimangel / Slack: @jimangel), Silvia Moura Pina (@smourapina / Slack: @smourapina), Alena Varkockova (@alenkacz / Slack: @alenkacz)
Test Infra Dhawal Yogesh Bhanushali (@imkin / Slack: @dbhanushali) Katharine Berry (@Katharine / Slack: @Katharine), Tara Gu (@taragu / Slack: @taragu), Maria Ntalla (@mariantalla / Slack: @maria)
Bug Triage Nicholas Lane (@soggiest / Slack: @soggy) Timmy Carr (@timmycarr / Slack: @timmycarr), Dave Strebel (@dstrebel / Slack: @strebel), Marko Mudrinic (@xmudrii / Slack: @xmudrii), Abubakr-Sadik Nii Nai Davis (@ttousai / Slack: @ttousai)
Branch Manager Cheryl Fong (@bubblemelon / Slack: @cherylfong) Nikhil Manchanda (@slicknik / Slack: @slicknik), Vivek Taparia (@vivektaparia / Slack: @vivektaparia), Christian Jantz (@chrisz100 / Slack @chrisz), Yang Li (@idealhack / Slack @idealhack)
Docs Barnabas Makonda (@MAKOSCAFEE / Slack: @barnie) Tunde Oladipupo (@simplytunde / Slack: @simplytunde), Damini Satya Kammakomati (@daminisatya / Slack: @Damini satya), Christian Hernandez (@christianh814 / Slack: @christianh814)
Release Notes Lindsey Tulloch (@onyiny-ang / Slack: @onyiny-ang) Jeff Sica (@jeefy / Slack: @jeefy), Nick Chase (@NickChase / Slack: @nickchase), Sascha Grunert (saschagrunert / Slack: @sgrunert), Alok Patra (alokpatra / @Alok Patra)
Communications Jorge Castro (@castrojo) Taylor Dolezal (@onlydole), David McKay (@rawkode)

Review the Patch Releases page for up-to-date contact information and the schedule for 1.15 patch releases.

Emeritus Adviser: Josh Berkus (@jberkus)

(Emeritus Adviser assists in shadow selection, and mentors shadows through Release Team participation, development, and graduation.)