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Kubernetes 1.17 : The Chillest Release


Tracking docs



The 1.17 release cycle is proposed as follows:

  • Monday, September 23 - Release Cycle Begins
  • Tuesday, October 15, EOD PST - Enhancements Freeze
  • Thursday, November 14, EOD PST - Code Freeze
  • Friday, November 22 - Docs must be completed and reviewed, ready to merge
  • Monday, December 9 - Kubernetes 1.17.0 Released

What will we do differently this release?

  • Due to the end of the year, this release cycle will be shorter than the other cycles this year. In accordance, we will have a slightly accelerated schedule.

What are we continuing from the previous release

  • All Enhancements must have a KEP that is in implementable state by Enhancements Freeze. If the enhancement does not have a KEP in implementable state by Enhancements Freeze it will be removed from the milestone and will require an exception.
  • The Emeritus Adviser will be responsible for advising the Release Team Lead and Lead Shadows, ensuring shadow selection happens, and that release shadows are getting the most out of their participation in the release process.
  • The itemized list of code changes for the release is being migrated from the release changelog (where x and y are major and minor versions of Kubernetes, respectively) to
  • We will continue to implement guidelines and clean up around CI Signal.


Team Leads finalized Lead Wed September 18 week 0
Start of Release Cycle Lead Mon September 23 week 1 master-blocking
Start Enhancements Tracking Enhancements Lead Tue 24
Schedule finalized Lead Wed September 25
Team Shadows finalized Lead Wed September 25
1.17.0-alpha.1 released Branch Manager Tue October 1 week 2
Start Release Notes Draft Release Notes Lead Tue October 8 week 3
Begin Enhancements Freeze (EOD PST) Enhancements Lead Tue October 15 week 4 master-blocking, master-informing
1.17.0-alpha.2 released Branch Manager Tue October 15
1.17.0-alpha.3 released Branch Manager Tue October 22 week 5
release-1.13 jobs removed Branch Manager Tue October 29 week 6
release-1.17 branch created Branch Manager Tue October 29
1.17.0-beta.0 released Branch Manager Tue October 29
release-1.17 jobs created Branch Manager Tue October 29
Begin Burndown (MWF meetings) Lead Mon November 4 week 7 1.17-blocking, master-blocking, master-informing
Call for Exceptions Lead Mon November 4
Brace Yourselves, Code Freeze is Coming Comms / Bug Triage Mon November 4
1.17.0-beta.1 released Branch Manager Tue November 5
Docs deadline - Open placeholder PRs Docs Lead Fri November 8
Begin Code Freeze (EOD PST) Branch Manager Thu November 14 week 8
Docs deadline - PRs ready for review Docs Lead Fri November 15
KubeCon Begins Community Mon November 18 week 9
1.17.0-beta.2 released Branch Manager Mon November 18 week 9
Docs complete - All PRs reviewed and ready to merge Docs Lead Fri November 22
1.17.0-rc.1 released Branch Manager Fri November 22
Begin Code Thaw (EOD PST) Branch Manager Fri November 22 1.17-blocking
Burndown Meetings daily Lead Tues November 26
Cherry Pick Deadline (EOD PST) Branch Manager Mon December 2
1.17.0-rc.2 released Branch Manager Tue December 3 week 11
v1.17.0 released Branch Manager Mon December 9 week 12
Release retrospective Community Thu December 12


Please refer to the release phases document.

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