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This repository contains tools and configuration files for the testing and automation needs of the Kubernetes project.

Our architecture diagram provides a (wildly out of date #13063) overview of how the different tools and services interact.

CI Job Management

Kubernetes uses a prow instance at to handle CI and automation for the entire project. Everyone can participate in a self-service PR-based workflow, where changes are automatically deployed after they have been reviewed. All job configs are located in config/jobs


Test Result Dashboards

Job and PR Dashboards

Other Tools

  • boskos manages pools of resources; our CI leases GCP projects from these pools
  • experiment/ is a catchall directory for one-shot tools or scripts
  • gcsweb is a UI we use to display test artifacts stored in public GCS buckets
  • ghproxy is a GitHub-aware reverse proxy cache to help keep our GitHub API token usage within rate limits
  • gopherage is a tool for manipulating Go coverage files
  • greenhouse is a shared bazel cache we use to ensure faster build and test presubmit jobs
  • label_sync creates, updates and migrates GitHub labels across orgs and repos based on labels.yaml file
  • kettle extracts test results from GCS and puts them into bigquery
  • kubetest is how our CI creates and e2e tests kubernetes clusters
  • maintenance/migratestatus is used to migrate or retire GitHub status contexts on PRs across orgs and repos
  • metrics runs queries against bigquery to generate metrics based on test results
  • robots/commenter is used by some of our jobs to comment on GitHub issues