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How to setup PR Status

This document helps configure PR Status endpoints.

Setup secrets

PR status is an OAuth App that query pull requests on behalf of the authenticated users. Therefore, some secret pieces of information are needed to authorize users for the app. The following steps will show you how to setup an oauth app that works with PR Status.

  1. Create your Github Oauth application

    The callback url should be:


  2. Create a secret file for github oauth that has the following content. The information can be found in the Github OAuth developer settings:

    client_id: <APP_CLIENT_ID>
    client_secret: <APP_CLIENT_SECRET>
    redirect_url: <PROW_BASE_URL>/github-login/redirect
    final_redirect_url: <PROW_BASE_URL>/pr
  3. Create another secret file for the cookie store. The file should contain a random 64-byte length base64 key. For example, you can use openssl to generate the key

    openssl rand -out cookie.txt -base64 64
  4. Use kubectl, which should already point to your Prow cluster, to create secrets using the command:

    kubectl create secret generic github-oauth-config --from-file=secret=<PATH_TO_YOUR_GITHUB_SECRET>

    kubectl create secret generic cookie --from-file=secret=<PATH_TO_YOUR_COOKIE_KEY_SECRET>

  5. To use the secrets, you can either:

    • Mount secrets to your deck volume:

      Open test-infra/prow/cluster/deck_deployment.yaml. Under volumes token, add:

      - name: oauth-config
            secretName: github-oauth-config
      - name: cookie-secret
            secretName: cookie

      Under volumeMounts token, add:

      - name: oauth-config
        mountPath: /etc/github
        readOnly: true
      - name: cookie-secret
        mountPath: /etc/cookie
        readOnly: true
    • Or, pass the path to your secrets to deck using the --github-oauth-config-file and --cookie-secret flags.

  6. Set the flag --oauth-url=/github-login on the deck deployment.

Run PR Status endpoint locally

Firstly, you will need a Github OAuth app. Please visit step 1 - 3 above.

When testing locally, pass the path to your secrets to deck using the --github-oauth-config-file and --cookie-secret flags.

Run the commands:

go build . && ./deck --config-path=../../config.yaml --github-oauth-config-file=<PATH_TO_YOUR_GITHUB_OAUTH_SECRET> --cookie-secret=<PATH_TO_YOUR_COOKIE_SECRET> --oauth-url=/pr