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Prometheus Metrics

Some Prow components expose Prometheus metrics that can be used for monitoring and alerting. The following table describes the metrics that are currently available.

Component Type Metric Labels Description
Tide Gauge pooledprs org, repo, branch The number of PRs in each Tide pool.
Gauge updatetime org, repo, branch The last time each Tide pool was synced.
Gauge syncdur The Tide sync controller loop duration.
Gauge statusupdatedur The Tide status controller loop duration.
Histogram merges org, repo, branch A histogram of the number of PRs in each merge.
Hook Counter prow_webhook_counter event_type The number of GitHub webhooks received by Prow.
Plank/Jenkins-Operator Gauge prowjobs job_name, type, state The number of ProwJobs.
Jenkins-Operator Counter jenkins_requests verb, handler, code The number of jenkins requests made by Prow.
Counter jenkins_request_retries The number of jenkins request retries Prow has made.
Histogram jenkins_request_latency verb, handler A histogram of round trip times between Prow and Jenkins.
Histogram resync_period_seconds A histogram of the jenkins controller loop duration.

Pushgateway and Proxy

To support metric collection from ephemeral tasks like request handling and to provide a single scrape endpoint, Prow's prometheus metrics are pushed to a Prometheus pushgateway that is scraped instead of the metric source. A proxy is used to limit cluster external requests to GET requests since Prometheus doesn't provide any form of authentication. The pushgateway and proxy deployment are defined in pushgateway_deployment.yaml.

Kubernetes Prow Metrics

Prometheus metrics from the Kubernetes Prow instance are used to create the graphs at