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stevekuznetsov Refactor the plugin agent to separate concerns
Hook provides each registered plugin a large container of global state
when the plugin is executed to handle an incoming event. Previously,
this container was conflating a number of uses and was storing truth in
more than once place. The following changes have been made:

 - the plugin config agent has been split out to a standalone entity
   like the secret agent or the prow config agent, to allow for it to be
   used independently and to encapsulate that logic
 - the assorted clients have been collected into a shallow wrapper for
   passing through the chain
 - derivative clients reuse singular sources of truth and are created
   on-demand by plugins, providing only the necessary data
 - as minimal an impact as possible was left on the plugin code,
   especially on interfaces that drive test fakes

Signed-off-by: Steve Kuznetsov <skuznets@redhat.com>
Latest commit 5b555b8 Nov 27, 2018
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