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# i18n strings for the English (main) site.
other = " documentation is no longer actively maintained. The version you are currently viewing is a static snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the "
other = "Deprecated"
other = "Objectives"
other = "Cleaning up"
other = "Before you begin"
other = "What's next"
other = "Feedback"
other = "Was this page helpful?"
other = "Yes"
other = "No"
other = "latest version."
other = "Your Kubernetes server must be version "
other = "Your Kubernetes server must be at or later than version "
other = "To check the version, enter "
other = "Caution:"
other = "Note:"
other = "Warning:"
other = "Read about"
other = "Read more"
other = "Interested in hacking on the core Kubernetes code base?"
other = "View On GitHub"
other = "Create an Issue"
other = "Explore the community"
other = "Kubernetes Features"
other = """We are a <a href="">CNCF</a> graduated project</p>"""
other = "Interested in receiving the latest Kubernetes news? Sign up for KubeWeekly."
other = "View past newsletters"
other = "Subscribe"
other = "Contribute"
other = "Edit This Page"
other ="Page History"
other = "Page last modified on"
other = "by"
other = """The Kubernetes Authors | Documentation Distributed under <a href="" class="light-text">CC BY 4.0</a>"""
other = """The Linux Foundation &reg;. All rights reserved. The Linux Foundation has registered trademarks and uses trademarks. For a list of trademarks of The Linux Foundation, please see our <a href="" class="light-text">Trademark Usage page</a>"""
# Labels for the docs portal home page.
other = "Browse Docs"
other = "Contributors"
other = "Users"
other = "I AM..."
# layouts > blog > pager
other = "<< Prev"
other = "Next >>"
# layouts > blog > list
other = "Tell your story"
# layouts > docs > glossary
other = "This glossary is intended to be a comprehensive, standardized list of Kubernetes terminology. It includes technical terms that are specific to K8s, as well as more general terms that provide useful context."
other = "Filter terms according to their tags"
other = "Select all"
other = "Deselect all"
other = "Also known as"
other = "Click on the"
other = "indicators below to get a longer explanation for any particular term."
# layouts > docs > search
other = "Fetching results.."
# layouts > partial > feedback
other = "Thanks for the feedback. If you have a specific, answerable question about how to use Kubernetes, ask it on"
other = "Open an issue in the GitHub repo if you want to "
other = "report a problem"
other = "or"
other = "suggest an improvement"
# Community links
other = "Twitter"
other = "GitHub"
other = "Slack"
other = "Stack Overflow"
other = "Forum"
other = "Events Calendar"
# UI elements
other = "Search"
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