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Add links out to different metrics APIs (#14865)

There's been a number of questions around the difference between the and in #sig-autoscaling referring back to the HPA docs recently. Added links out to the design proposals for each and the relevant sections of the existing walkthrough docs.
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gjtempleton authored and k8s-ci-robot committed Jun 19, 2019
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@@ -271,6 +271,14 @@ APIs, cluster administrators must ensure that:

* The `--horizontal-pod-autoscaler-use-rest-clients` is `true` or unset. Setting this to false switches to Heapster-based autoscaling, which is deprecated.

For more information on these different metrics paths and how they differ please see the relevant design proposals for
[the HPA V2](,
and [](

For examples of how to use them see [the walkthrough for using custom metrics](/docs/tasks/run-application/horizontal-pod-autoscale-walkthrough/#autoscaling-on-multiple-metrics-and-custom-metrics)
and [the walkthrough for using external metrics](/docs/tasks/run-application/horizontal-pod-autoscale-walkthrough/#autoscaling-on-metrics-not-related-to-kubernetes-objects).

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