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* **Building Minikube**: For instructions on how to build/test Minikube from source, see the [build guide](
* **Adding a New Dependency**: For instructions on how to add a new dependency to Minikube see the [adding dependencies guide](
* **Adding a New Addon**: For instruction on how to add a new addon for Minikube see the [adding an addon guide](
* **Updating Kubernetes**: For instructions on how to update Kubernetes see the [updating Kubernetes guide](

## Community

Contributions, questions, and comments are all welcomed and encouraged! Minikube developers hang out on [Slack]( in the #minikube channel (get an invitation [here]( We also have the [kubernetes-dev Google Groups mailing list](!forum/kubernetes-dev). If you are posting to the list please prefix your subject with "minikube: ".

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