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## Confirm Installation

To confirm successful installation of both a hypervisor and Minikube, you can run the following command to start up a local Kubernetes cluster:

{{< note >}}

For setting the `--vm-driver` with `minikube start`, enter the name of the hypervisor you installed in lowercase letters where `<driver_name>` is mentioned below. A full list of `--vm-driver` values is available in [specifying the VM driver documentation](

{{< /note >}}

minikube start --vm-driver=<driver_name>

Once `minikube start` finishes, run the command below to check the status of the cluster:

minikube status

If your cluster is running, the output from `minikube status` should be similar to:

host: Running
kubelet: Running
apiserver: Running
kubeconfig: Configured

After you have confirmed whether Minikube is working with your chosen hypervisor, you can continue to use Minikube or you can stop your cluster. To stop your cluster, run:

minikube stop

## Clean up local state {#cleanup-local-state}

If you have previously installed Minikube, and run:

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