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Link to Citrix NetScaler ingress controller. (#12221)

* Link to Citrix NetScaler ingress controller.

* Add missing punctuation
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@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ Additional controllers include:

* [Contour]( is an [Envoy]( based ingress controller
provided and supported by Heptio.
* Citrix provides an [Ingress Controller]( for its hardware (MPX), virtualized (VPX) and [free containerized (CPX) ADC]( for [baremetal]( and [cloud]( deployments.
* F5 Networks provides [support and maintenance](
for the [F5 BIG-IP Controller for Kubernetes](
* [Gloo]( is an open-source ingress controller based on [Envoy]( which offers API Gateway functionality with enterprise support from [](

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