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2. Familiarize yourself with the [documentation repository]( and the website's [static site generator](
3. Make sure you understand the basic processes for [improving content]( and [reviewing changes](

## Contributions best practices

- Do write clear and meaningful GIT commit messages.
- Make sure to include _Github Special Keywords_ which references the issue and automatically closes the issue when PR is merged.
- When you make a small change to a PR like fixing a typo, any style change, or changing grammar. Make sure you squash your commits so that you dont get a large number of commits for a relatively small change.
- Make sure you include a nice PR description depicting the code you have changes, why to change a following piece of code and ensuring there is sufficient information for the reviewer to understand your PR.
- Additional Readings :
- [](
- [ ]( )
- [ ]( )

## Other ways to contribute

- To contribute to the Kubernetes community through online forums like Twitter or Stack Overflow, or learn about local meetups and Kubernetes events, visit the [Kubernetes community site](/community/).

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