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Update (#17406)

* Update

Updated the docs to reflect a change that has already been made in v1.14 instead of going to be made in v1.14 with us being at v1.16 now.

* Update content/en/docs/concepts/overview/

Co-Authored-By: Barnabas Makonda <>

Co-authored-by: Barnabas Makonda <>
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@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ Kubernetes implements an alternative Protobuf based serialization format for the

Prior to 1.14, the Kubernetes apiserver also exposes an API that can be used to retrieve
the [Swagger v1.2]( Kubernetes API spec at `/swaggerapi`.
This endpoint is deprecated, and will be removed in Kubernetes 1.14.
This endpoint is deprecated, and was removed in Kubernetes 1.14.

## API versioning

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