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Remove kubectl stop (#16677)

Signed-off-by: ialidzhikov <>
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ialidzhikov authored and k8s-ci-robot committed Oct 6, 2019
1 parent dc355a0 commit 5af784afc0196b9afb9e68f507b74af850b48f36
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@@ -94,7 +94,6 @@ Operation | Syntax | Description
`rolling-update` | `kubectl rolling-update OLD_CONTROLLER_NAME ([NEW_CONTROLLER_NAME] --image=NEW_CONTAINER_IMAGE \| -f NEW_CONTROLLER_SPEC) [flags]` | Perform a rolling update by gradually replacing the specified replication controller and its pods.
`run` | `kubectl run NAME --image=image [--env="key=value"] [--port=port] [--replicas=replicas] [--dry-run=bool] [--overrides=inline-json] [flags]` | Run a specified image on the cluster.
`scale` | `kubectl scale (-f FILENAME \| TYPE NAME \| TYPE/NAME) --replicas=COUNT [--resource-version=version] [--current-replicas=count] [flags]` | Update the size of the specified replication controller.
`stop` | `kubectl stop` | Deprecated: Instead, see `kubectl delete`.
`version` | `kubectl version [--client] [flags]` | Display the Kubernetes version running on the client and server.

Remember: For more about command operations, see the [kubectl](/docs/user-guide/kubectl/) reference documentation.

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