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Changed a confusing heading (#15453)

I changed a question that had no question mark into a statement. I also changed the heading from the first person to the second person, because the topic it treats the reader as the second person everywhere else.
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smarvin authored and k8s-ci-robot committed Jul 17, 2019
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Containers are becoming popular because they have many benefits. Some of the con
* Resource isolation: predictable application performance.
* Resource utilization: high efficiency and density.

## Why do I need Kubernetes and what can it do
## Why you need Kubernetes and what can it do

Containers are a good way to bundle and run your applications. In a production environment, you need to manage the containers that run the applications and ensure that there is no downtime. For example, if a container goes down, another container needs to start. Wouldn't it be easier if this behavior was handled by a system?

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