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Microk8s is a single-command installation of upstream Kubernetes on any Linux and should be included in the list of local-machine solutions.

* capitalized Istio
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@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ a Kubernetes cluster from scratch.
* [Minikube](/docs/setup/minikube/) is the recommended method for creating a local, single-node Kubernetes cluster for development and testing. Setup is completely automated and doesn't require a cloud provider account.
* [microk8s]( provides a single command installation of the latest Kubernetes release on a local machine for development and testing. Setup is quick, fast (~30 sec) and supports many plugins including Istio with a single command.
* [IBM Cloud Private-CE (Community Edition)]( can use VirtualBox on your machine to deploy Kubernetes to one or more VMs for development and test scenarios. Scales to full multi-node cluster.
* [IBM Cloud Private-CE (Community Edition) on Linux Containers]( is a Terraform/Packer/BASH based Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scripts to create a seven node (1 Boot, 1 Master, 1 Management, 1 Proxy and 3 Workers) LXD cluster on Linux Host.

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