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Add documentation for PVC in use protection (#14700)

This PR adds doc to describe PVC in use protection
for PVC actively in use as a snapshot source.
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xing-yang authored and k8s-ci-robot committed Jun 4, 2019
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@@ -64,6 +64,12 @@ A user creates, or has already created in the case of dynamic provisioning, a `V

VolumeSnapshots will remain unbound indefinitely if a matching VolumeSnapshotContent does not exist. VolumeSnapshots will be bound as matching VolumeSnapshotContents become available.

### Persistent Volume Claim in Use Protection

The purpose of the Persistent Volume Claim Object in Use Protection feature is to ensure that in-use PVC API objects are not removed from the system (as this may result in data loss).

If a PVC is in active use by a snapshot as a source to create the snapshot, the PVC is in-use. If a user deletes a PVC API object in active use as a snapshot source, the PVC object is not removed immediately. Instead, removal of the PVC object is postponed until the PVC is no longer actively used by any snapshots. A PVC is no longer used as a snapshot source when `ReadyToUse` of the snapshot `Status` becomes `true`.

### Delete

Deletion removes both the `VolumeSnapshotContent` object from the Kubernetes API, as well as the associated storage asset in the external infrastructure.

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