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clarify Job behaviour once active deadline seconds is exceeded (#11745)

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@@ -221,8 +221,7 @@ By default, a Job will run uninterrupted unless a Pod fails, at which point the
Do this by setting the `.spec.activeDeadlineSeconds` field of the Job to a number of seconds.

The `activeDeadlineSeconds` applies to the duration of the job, no matter how many Pods are created.
Once a Job reaches `activeDeadlineSeconds`, the Job and all of its Pods are terminated.
The result is that the job has a status with `reason: DeadlineExceeded`.
Once a Job reaches `activeDeadlineSeconds`, all of its Pods are terminated and the Job status will become `type: Failed` with `reason: DeadlineExceeded`.

Note that a Job's `.spec.activeDeadlineSeconds` takes precedence over its `.spec.backoffLimit`. Therefore, a Job that is retrying one or more failed Pods will not deploy additional Pods once it reaches the time limit specified by `activeDeadlineSeconds`, even if the `backoffLimit` is not yet reached.

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