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Drop old information about StatefulSet stability (#16060)

(at time of commit, v1.11 was the oldest version supported)
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sftim authored and k8s-ci-robot committed Sep 9, 2019
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StatefulSet is the workload API object used to manage stateful applications.

{{< note >}}
StatefulSets are stable (GA) in 1.9.
{{< /note >}}

{{< glossary_definition term_id="statefulset" length="all" >}}
{{% /capture %}}

@@ -43,7 +39,6 @@ provides a set of stateless replicas. Controllers such as

## Limitations

* StatefulSet was a beta resource prior to 1.9 and not available in any Kubernetes release prior to 1.5.
* The storage for a given Pod must either be provisioned by a [PersistentVolume Provisioner]({{< param "githubbranch" >}}/staging/persistent-volume-provisioning/ based on the requested `storage class`, or pre-provisioned by an admin.
* Deleting and/or scaling a StatefulSet down will *not* delete the volumes associated with the StatefulSet. This is done to ensure data safety, which is generally more valuable than an automatic purge of all related StatefulSet resources.
* StatefulSets currently require a [Headless Service](/docs/concepts/services-networking/service/#headless-services) to be responsible for the network identity of the Pods. You are responsible for creating this Service.

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