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## Addons

Addons are pods and services that implement cluster features. The pods may be managed
by Deployments, ReplicationControllers, and so on. Namespaced addon objects are created in
the `kube-system` namespace.
Addons use Kubernetes resources ({{< glossary_tooltip term_id="daemonset" >}},
{{< glossary_tooltip term_id="deployment" >}}, etc)
to implement cluster features. Because these are providing cluster-level features, namespaced resources
for addons belong within the `kube-system` namespace.

Selected addons are described below, for an extended list of available addons please see [Addons](/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/addons/).
Selected addons are described below; for an extended list of available addons, please
see [Addons](/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/addons/).

### DNS

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