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@@ -758,13 +758,10 @@ for supported instance types.

### Type ExternalName {#externalname}

{{< note >}}
ExternalName Services are available only with `kube-dns` version 1.7 and later.
{{< /note >}}
Services of type ExternalName map a service to a DNS name, not to a typical selector such as
`my-service` or `cassandra`. You specify these services with the `spec.externalName` parameter.

Services of type ExternalName map a service to a DNS name (specified using
the `spec.externalName` parameter) rather than to a typical selector like
`my-service` or `cassandra`. This Service definition, for example, would map
This Service definition, for example, maps
the `my-service` Service in the `prod` namespace to ``:

@@ -777,6 +774,10 @@ spec:
type: ExternalName
{{< note >}}
ExternalName accepts an IPv4 address string, but as a DNS name comprised of digits, not as an IP address. ExternalNames that resemble IPv4 addresses are not resolved by CoreDNS or ingress-nginx because ExternalName
is intended to specify a canonical DNS name. To hardcode an IP address, consider headless services.
{{< /note >}}

When looking up the host ``, the cluster DNS service
will return a `CNAME` record with the value ``. Accessing

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