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Remove --allow-privileged as it is deprecated in latest 1.15.0 (#15285)

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pacoxu authored and k8s-ci-robot committed Jul 6, 2019
1 parent 3903154 commit 9b431b2ce4ab360d77e9312664d7b10726f80608
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  1. +0 −7 content/en/docs/reference/command-line-tools-reference/
@@ -59,13 +59,6 @@ kubelet [flags]
<td></td><td style="line-height: 130%; word-wrap: break-word;">The IP address for the Kubelet to serve on (set to for all IPv4 interfaces and `::` for all IPv6 interfaces) (default</td>

<td colspan="2">--allow-privileged</td>
<td></td><td style="line-height: 130%; word-wrap: break-word;">If true, allow containers to request privileged mode.</td>

<td colspan="2">--alsologtostderr</td>

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