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Fix docs/tasks page TOC (#8999)

This pages did not use any template and the displayed toc started
with two bullet points. Use the concept template.
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@@ -2,12 +2,21 @@
title: Tasks
main_menu: true
weight: 50
content_template: templates/concept

{{< toc >}}

{{% capture overview %}}

This section of the Kubernetes documentation contains pages that
show how to do individual tasks. A task page shows how to do a
single thing, typically by giving a short sequence of steps.

{{% /capture %}}

{{% capture body %}}

## Web UI (Dashboard)

Deploy and access the Dashboard web user interface to help you manage and monitor containerized applications in a Kubernetes cluster.
@@ -68,7 +77,11 @@ Configure and schedule NVIDIA GPUs for use as a resource by nodes in a cluster.

Configure and schedule huge pages as a schedulable resource in a cluster.

## What's next
{{% /capture %}}

{{% capture whatsnext %}}

If you would like to write a task page, see
[Creating a Documentation Pull Request](/docs/home/contribute/create-pull-request/).

{{% /capture %}}

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