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Added additional information about contributing to K8s

Split out docs contributions from feature and community contributions per user feedback.
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@@ -13,12 +13,11 @@ we're happy to have your help! Anyone can contribute, whether you're new to the
project or you've been around a long time, and whether you self-identify as a
developer, an end user, or someone who just can't stand seeing typos.

For more ways to get involved in the Kubernetes community or to learn about us, visit the [Kubernetes community site](/community/).
For information on the Kubernetes documentation style guide, see the [style guide](/docs/contribute/style/style-guide/).

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## Types of contributors
## Types of docs contributors

- A _member_ of the Kubernetes organization who has [signed the CLA](/docs/contribute/start#sign-the-cla)
and contributed some time and effort to the project. See
@@ -35,7 +34,7 @@ For information on the Kubernetes documentation style guide, see the [style guid
Some of the duties of a SIG Docs approver, such as coordinating a release,
require a significant time commitment.

## Ways to contribute
## Ways to contribute to documentation

This list is divided into things anyone can do, things Kubernetes organization
members can do, and things that require a higher level of access and familiarity
@@ -70,9 +69,10 @@ documentation, but it should help you get started.
- Propose improvements to docs tests
- Propose improvements to the Kubernetes website or other tooling

### Feature development

You can also contribute to Kubernetes feature development.
The [contributor cheatsheet]( can help you get started.
## Additional ways to contribute

- To contribute to the Kubernetes community through online forums like Twitter or Stack Overflow, or learn about local meetups and Kubernetes events, visit the [Kubernetes community site](/community/).
- To contribute to feature development, read the [contributor cheatsheet]( to get started.

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