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Instructions to upgrade Bash for shell autocompletion (#19561)

* Instructions to upgrade Bash for shell autocompletion

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@@ -385,6 +385,27 @@ However, the kubectl completion script depends on [**bash-completion**](https://
there are two versions of bash-completion, v1 and v2. V1 is for Bash 3.2 (which is the default on macOS), and v2 is for Bash 4.1+. The kubectl completion script **doesn't work** correctly with bash-completion v1 and Bash 3.2. It requires **bash-completion v2** and **Bash 4.1+**. Thus, to be able to correctly use kubectl completion on macOS, you have to install and use Bash 4.1+ ([*instructions*]( The following instructions assume that you use Bash 4.1+ (that is, any Bash version of 4.1 or newer).
{{< /warning >}}

### Upgrade Bash

The instructions here assume you use Bash 4.1+. You can check your Bash's version by running:


If it is too old, you can install/upgrade it using Homebrew:

brew install bash

Reload your shell and verify that the desired version is being used:


Homebrew usually installs it at `/usr/local/bin/bash`.

### Install bash-completion

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