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Adding allowVolumeEXpansion feature to file (#15604)

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savitharaghunathan authored and k8s-ci-robot committed Sep 3, 2019
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@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ provisioner:
type: gp2
reclaimPolicy: Retain
allowVolumeExpansion: true
- debug
volumeBindingMode: Immediate
@@ -110,6 +111,31 @@ either `Delete` or `Retain`. If no `reclaimPolicy` is specified when a
Persistent Volumes that are created manually and managed via a storage class will have
whatever reclaim policy they were assigned at creation.

### Allow Volume Expansion

{{< feature-state for_k8s_version="v1.11" state="beta" >}}

Persistent Volumes can be configured to be expandable. This feature when set to `true`,
allows the users to resize the volume by editing the corresponding PVC object.

The following types of volumes support volume expansion, when the underlying
Storage Class has the field `allowVolumeExpansion` set to true.

* gcePersistentDisk
* awsElasticBlockStore
* Cinder
* glusterfs
* rbd
* Azure File
* Azure Disk
* Portworx
* FlexVolumes
* CSI {{< feature-state for_k8s_version="v1.14" state="alpha" >}}

{{< note >}}
This feature cannot be used to shrink volumes.
{{< /note >}}

### Mount Options

Persistent Volumes that are dynamically created by a storage class will have the

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