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PR Wranglers

Zach Corleissen edited this page Mar 14, 2019 · 19 revisions

SIG Docs approvers take regular turns as the PR wrangler for the repository.

The PR wrangler reviews open pull requests and:

  • Reviews changes for quality and adherence to the style guide
  • Assigns a technical reviewer if needed
    • Assigns reviewers from the reviewers: block in the file's front matter
  • Assigns relevant sig/ label(s)
  • Assigns Docs Review and Tech Review labels to indicate the PR's review status:
    • "Needs Review" for PRs that haven't yet been reviewed
    • "Open Issues" for PRs that have been reviewed and require further input or action before merging
  • Assigns /lgtm and /approve labels to PRs that are ready to merge

The PR Wrangler section of the contributor guide also has an overview of the role.

How to wrangle PRs:

  1. Use a script to automatically bug people that haven’t signed the CLA link here
  2. Start with XS and head towards XXL (in terms of size) PR’s that are english and against master (not dev-1.1x for a release) and try to clear as many as I can. A sample GH query (which you can copy and place in the search window of the k/website repo) for the above is here: is:pr is:open label:size/S label:"cncf-cla: yes" label:"language/en" base:master
  • Generally my goal is to close (either by merge or by PR closure) with things I’m above 90% (and above) certain about
  • For those that I’m not as certain I make a suggestion (using the awesome new GH suggestions feature) inline back to the original person who raised the PR
  • For others I try to keep the conversation moving by asking clarifying questions, involving more technical folks, or running up the chain to sig-docs leadership for additional help

2019 Schedule Q1/Q2

Week Approver
Jan 14 @bradtopol
Jan 21 @tfogo
Jan 28 @cody-clark
Feb 3 @kbarnard10
Feb 10 @steveperry-53
Feb 17 @rajakavitha1
Feb 24 @zparnold
Mar 3 @zacharysarah
Mar 10 @cody-clark
Mar 17 @jaredbhatti
Mar 24 @mistyhacks
Mar 31 @ryanmcginnis
Apr 7 @tengqm
Apr 14 @bradamant3
Apr 21 @zacharysarah
Apr 28 @bradtopol
May 5 @rajakavitha1
May 12 @tfogo
May 19 @xiangpengzhao
May 26 @zhangxiaoyu-zidif
Jun 2 @cody-clark
Jun 9 @ryanmcginnis
Jun 16 @steveperry-53
Jun 23 @kbarnard10

Byes Q1

@bradamant3 @ryanmcginnis @tengqm @xiangpengzhao @zhangxiaoyu-zidif

Byes Q2

@cody-clark @jaredbhatti @zacharysarah @zparnold


  • Swapped @cody-clark 1/28 for @chenopis 3/10
  • Swapped @zparnold and @rajakavitha1 2/17 and 2/24
  • Replaced @chenopis with @cody-clark
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