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  1. deploy-node-app deploy-node-app Public

    Deploy your node.js app to Kubernetes with a single command. No config required.

    JavaScript 398 17

  2. create-node-app create-node-app Public

    Set up a modern Node.js app by running one command.

    JavaScript 95 17

  3. pibox-os pibox-os Public

    📦💻 The Official PiBox Operating System

    Shell 52 18

  4. raster-to-tspl-js raster-to-tspl-js Public

    JavaScript 42 7

  5. kubesail-docs kubesail-docs Public

    Official KubeSail Docs

    Dockerfile 39 19

  6. kubesail-agent kubesail-agent Public

    Allows a cluster or namespace to be managed by

    JavaScript 29 9


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