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KubeSphere Community

Welcome to the KubeSphere community!

If you are looking for information on how to join us, you are in the right place. Read on to find out how you can get involved, contribute to KubeSphere code and documentation, propose new features and designs, and stay in touch with the latest KubeSphere community news. Let's get started!

Contribution Rules

Before you start contributing, read our Code of Conduct and learn about the community working model to understand the way KubeSphere community works. Get familiar with the contributing rules, recommended development workflow, and issues workflow we use in KubeSphere so you can apply them later in practice as an active contributor.

Special Interest Group

Through SIGs, the KubeSphere community members collaborate and contribute to topics of long-term interest for KubeSphere and its community. Generally, SIGs can be either vertically focused on particular components and features, or span multiple functional and technical domains. There are some SIGs in KubeSphere community. Please read KubeSphere Special Interest Group for details. Each SIG may have several subprojects to work on. For instance, SIG observability has four subprojects, i.e., Logging, Monitoring, Alerting and Notification.

Working Group

Working Group (WG) facilitates discussions and work on cross-SIGs. For example, we may create a WG for the design of multi-tenancy monitoring across the SIG observability and the SIG multi-tenancy. Each SIG can propose a new WG based on the detailed requirements and issues.

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