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KubeSphere Community Roles

This document defines a set of roles for the community individuals to join. and describes the requirements, responsibilities and privileges of each role to join or stay in.


You need to satisfy the following requirements to become a contributor.

  • Anyone who has at least one non-trivial PR merged into any project under KubeSphere organization becomes a contributor.

You are also encouraged to help the community in the following ways since it is important for you to become a KubeSphere member.

  • Answer questions from the community users in GitHub issues, forum or any communication channels.
  • Help test the project or report bugs.
  • Write blogs or technical documents including source code analysis to help users better understand and use KubeSphere.
  • Help improve KubeSphere user guide.


You need to have notable contribution to the project to become a member of KubeSphere community.

  • Active contribution to the project. Contributed at least one notable PR to a specific SIG codebase within half a year
  • Finish one or more features
  • Sponsored by two members of the SIG and approved by the lead of the SIG
  • Help review PR from other contributors

As a member, you have the following responsibilities and privileges.

  • Review PR from other contributors
  • set labels on issues
  • Allow to view and add comments on meeting notes

Owner / Lead

A lead is also the member of the project who is an experienced and active reviewer of the project.

  • As a member at least for half a year
  • Finish one or more important features of the SIG
  • Primary reviewer for at least 15 substantial PRs
  • Review or merged at least 40 PRs
  • Domain expert of any area of the project
  • Nominated by the current member and approved by TOC.

As a lead, you have the following responsibilities and privileges.

  • Review PR from other contributors
  • Approve PR
  • Triage issues, set labels on issues
  • Manage code repository and related resources
  • Run SIG and working group
  • Allow to edit meeting notes