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Welcome to KubeSphere! (New Developer Guide)

_This document assumes that you know what KubeSphere does.


This document will help you understand the organization of the KubeSphere project and direct you to the best places to get started. By the end of this doc, you'll be able to pick up issues, write code to fix them, and get your work reviewed and merged.

If you have questions about the development process, feel free to jump into our Slack workspace. If you join the Slack workspace it is recommended to set your Slack display name to your GitHub account handle.

Downloading, Building, and Testing KubeSphere

This guide is non-technical, so it does not cover the technical details of working KubeSphere. We have plenty of documentation available under

Pull-Request Process

The pull-request process is documented in As described in that document, you must sign the CLA before KubeSphere can accept your contribution.

Thanks for reading!

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