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KubeVela Docs & Website

This repo contains the source code of Kubevela website and all of the docs for KubeVela. It's built by Docusaurus 2, a modern static website generator.

Welcome to join us and you are more than appreciated to contribute!

Contributing to KubeVela EN Docs

First, we have the source documentation of Kubevela website and it's written in English. Follow Localization README for contributing to other languages. Any files modifid here will trigger the check-docs Github action to run and validate the docs could be build successfully into the website. Any changes on these files(docs/en/*, docs/en/resource/*, sidebars.js) will be submitted to the corresponding locations of the repo The Github-Action there will parse the document and publish it to the Kubevela Website automatically.

Please follow our guides below to learn how to write the docs in the right way.

Add or Update Docs

When you add or modify the docs, these three files(docs/en/, docs/en/resource/ and sidebars.js) should be taken into consideration.

  1. docs/en/, the main English documentation files are mainly located in this folder. All markdown files need to follow the format, that the title at the beginning should be in the following format:

    title: Title Name

    When you want to add a link refer to any .md files inside the docs(docs/en), you need to use relative path and remove the .md suffix. For example, the en/helm/ has a link refer to en/platform-engineers/ Then the format should like:

    [the definition and template concepts](../platform-engineers/definition-and-templates)
  2. docs/en/resource/, image files are located in this folder. When you want to use link any image in documentation, you should put the image resources here and use a relative path like below:

  3. sidebars.js, this file contain the navigation information of the KubeVela website. Please read the official docs of docusaurus to learn how to write sidebar.js.

          type: 'category',
          label: 'Capability References',
          items: [
            // Note!: here must be add the path under "docs/en" 

After you finished modify the docs, please try to have a preview of the changes.

Localization README


Website Preview

Please make sure you have yarn installed in your OS environment.


yarn install

Local Development

yarn start

This command starts a local development server and open up a browser window. Most changes are reflected live without having to restart the server.


yarn build

This command generates static content into the build directory and can be served using any static contents hosting service.


GIT_USER=<Your GitHub username> USE_SSH=true yarn deploy

If you are using GitHub pages for hosting, this command is a convenient way to build the website and push to the gh-pages branch.

Versions for new release

All docs of new features should be updated in the latest docs, we will create a new version of docs along with the code release.

Build New Version

yarn docusaurus docs:version v1.x

Update Docs for version

make update-version version=v1.x

Send your pull request

After all changes checked well, please creating a pull request with DCO.