@fabiand fabiand released this Nov 8, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

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This release follows v0.9.0 and consists of 253 changes, contributed by
26 people, leading to 1376 files changed, 268565 insertions(+), 9773

The source code and selected binaries are available for download at:

The primary release artifact of KubeVirt is the git tree. The release tag is
signed and can be verified using git-evtag.

Pre-built containers are published on Docker Hub and can be viewed at:

Notable changes

  • Support for vhost-net
  • Support for block multi-queue
  • Support for custom PCI addresses for virtio devices
  • Support for deploying KubeVirt to a custom namespace
  • Support for ServiceAccount token disks
  • Support for multus backed networks
  • Support for genie backed networks
  • Support for kuryr backed networks
  • Support for block PVs
  • Support for configurable disk device caches
  • Support for pinned IO threads
  • Support for virtio net multi-queue
  • Support for image upload (depending on CDI)
  • Support for custom entity lists with more VM details (cusomt columns)
  • Support for IP and MAC address reporting of all vNICs
  • Basic support for guest agent status reporting
  • More structured logging
  • Better libvirt error reporting
  • Stricter CR validation
  • Better ownership references
  • Several test improvements


26 people contributed to this release:

    54	Roman Mohr <rmohr@redhat.com>
    50	David Vossel <dvossel@redhat.com>
    29	Vladik Romanovsky <vromanso@redhat.com>
    20	Stu Gott <sgott@redhat.com>
    20	Yuval Lifshitz <ylifshit@redhat.com>
    13	Marcin Franczyk <mfranczy@redhat.com>
    11	Marc Sluiter <msluiter@redhat.com>
     8	Gabriel Szasz <gszasz@redhat.com>
     7	Artyom Lukianov <alukiano@redhat.com>
     6	Michael Henriksen <mhenriks@redhat.com>
     5	Petr Kotas <pkotas@redhat.com>
     4	Koichiro Den <den@klaipeden.com>
     4	Sebastian Scheinkman <sscheink@redhat.com>
     3	Arik Hadas <ahadas@redhat.com>
     3	imjoey <majunjiev@gmail.com>
     3	steigr <me@stei.gr>
     2	Alexander Gallego <gallego.alexx@gmail.com>
     2	Gage Orsburn <gageorsburn@live.com>
     2	Rich Renner <renner@osi.io>
     1	Alexander Wels <awels@redhat.com>
     1	Fabian Deutsch <fabiand@redhat.com>
     1	Ihar Hrachyshka <ihar@redhat.com>
     1	Karim Boumedhel <kboumedh@redhat.com>
     1	Marcin Mirecki <mmirecki@redhat.com>
     1	Shiyang Wang <shiywang@redhat.com>
     1	renner <renner@pop-os.localdomain>

Test Results

Ran 180 of 216 Specs in 5647.016 seconds

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