@fabiand fabiand released this Feb 4, 2019

This release follows v0.13.0 and consists of 115 changes, contributed by
18 people, leading to 991 files changed, 57851 insertions(+), 44285

The source code and selected binaries are available for download at:

The primary release artifact of KubeVirt is the git tree. The release tag is
signed and can be verified using git-evtag.

Pre-built containers are published on Docker Hub and can be viewed at:

Notable changes

  • CI: Several stabilizing fixes
  • docs: Document the KubeVirt Razor
  • build: golang update
  • Update to Kubernetes 1.12
  • Update CDI
  • Support for Ready and Created Operator conditions
  • Support (basic) EFI
  • Support for generating cloud-init network-config


18 people contributed to this release:

    26	Artyom Lukianov <alukiano@redhat.com>
    22	David Vossel <dvossel@redhat.com>
    13	Marc Sluiter <msluiter@redhat.com>
     8	Kedar Bidarkar <kbidarka@redhat.com>
     8	Yossi Segev <ysegev@redhat.com>
     7	Greg Bock <greg.bock@stackpath.com>
     6	gaahrdner <github@philipgardner.com>
     5	Stu Gott <sgott@redhat.com>
     4	Daniel Gonzalez <daniel@gonzalez-nothnagel.de>
     3	Fabian Deutsch <fabiand@redhat.com>
     3	Petr Kotas <pkotas@redhat.com>
     2	Justin Barrick <jbarrick@cloudflare.com>
     2	Marcin Franczyk <mfranczy@redhat.com>
     2	ipinto <ipinto@redhat.com>
     1	Alexander Wels <awels@redhat.com>
     1	Dan Kenigsberg <danken@redhat.com>
     1	Yan Du <yadu@redhat.com>
     1	yossisegev <40713576+yossisegev@users.noreply.github.com>

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