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KubeVirt Project Infrastructure Tools

This repository provides supporting code for the project infrastructure. This is what you can find on each of the repo directories

  • cni-plugins: code to deploy CNI plugins (currently only sriov-passthrough-cni is available)

  • docs: extended documentation of several aspects of our infrastructure

  • external-plugins: Prow plugins used on our setup

  • github/ci: Infrastructure code for our main deployments:

    • github/ci/prow-deploy: Ansible code for testing and deploying Prow components, includes Prow configuration under github/ci/prow-deploy/files

    • github/ci/prow-workloads: Ansible code for bootstrapping prow-workloads cluster with Kubespray

    • github/ci/services: Code to manage additional CI services

    • github/ci/testgrid: Code to manage the configuration for our testgrid setup

  • images: Definition of container images used in CI

  • limiter: Tool used to control connections for GCE buckets to the outside world depending on billing alerts. See README

  • releng/release-tool: Tool for creating KubeVirt releases

  • robots: Automation tools

    • robots/cmd/ci-usage-exporter: Prometheus exporter to expose CI infrastructure information

    • robots/cmd/flakefinder: Tool to create statistics from failed tests of PRs. See README

    • robots/cmd/indexpagecreator: Creates flakefinder index page

    • robots/cmd/kubevirt: Provides commands to manipulate the SIG jobs (periodic and presubmit) that are testing kubevirt with kubevirtci

      See README

    • robots/cmd/kubevirtci-bumper: Tool to automatically bump kubevirtci providers. See README

    • robots/cmd/kubevirtci-presubmit-creator: Creates kubevirtci presubmit job definitions for new providers

    • robots/cmd/labels-checker: Checks whether a PR has certain labels

    • robots/cmd/uploader: Tool to mirror bazel dependencies on GCS. See README


Please see for details on how to contribute.