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#ESP8266 pong clock

A tiny little pong clock. Instead of describing it, look here: http://youtu.be/Su3f5w3nEbg

Upon start it connects to an ntp server and fetches the exact time.

###Required hardware:

  • ESP8266
  • OLED 128 x 64 with SSD1306 controller, conenct SCL with GPIO0 and SDA with GPIO2

###Required Firmware: last tested nodeMCU version: 0.9.5 build 20150318 integer

###Software setup: Copy all files to your ESP module. Compile all files except ntp.lua.

Edit ntp.lua and

  • insert your wifi SSID and password
  • adjust the value for timezone
  • enter the IP address of a different ntp server, if you want

Start ntp.lua and see if it works. If so, rename it to init.lua so that the pong clock automatically starts after reboot or power-up.

###todo: I think a regular reboot at night might help to overcome the unprecise crystal oscillator.