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This directory contain freddist, a little bit modified Python distutils module.

Differences and changes:

 - Distutils cannot be invoked from 'remote' directory. So every temporary file
   and directory as well as target files (such as archives, packages) are
   created in directory containing file. Freddist create temporary
   stuff in current working directory. Due to is to need add to core.setup
   method one extra parameter `srcdir'. For further detail see comment in
   freddist/ source file.
   Almost all changes in freddist against distutils is due to this 'remote'
   directory feature.

 - Distutils offer only small number of standard system directories. Freddist
   inspire self in autotools utils which contains directory such as sysconfdir,
   libexecdir, datarootdir, localstatedir, e.g. Support for these directories
   was added to freddist. Its main application is in install_data part of
   install process. See comments in freddist/command/ file.

 - Entirely new feature is uninstall command. Install now implicitly creates
   `install.log' file (containing list of all installed files) which afterwards
   can be used by uninstall to sweep installed files.

 - RPM creation on Fedora Core is for somewhat reason broke with distutils
   (for details see
   Freddist came with fix this Fedora related feature (or bug - see webpage

 - Bdist (as well as bdist_rpm) command support adding extra options for
   build and install phase (which bdist command invoke). These options are
   `--build-extra-opts' and `--install-extra-opts'.

 - Entirely new option ``bdist_simple'' which creates archive file with ready
   to use module (no need to install, unpackage is sufficient to use & run).

 - bdist_wininst correctly creates Windows installation exe file (Was broken

Known bugs:

 - bdist command not work at all. To build rpm package is better to use
   bdist_rpm command (will be fixed sometimes in the future).

 - install_data command crash when executed with `--prefix=.' option.

Unknown bugs:
 - other commands, explicitly not mentioned in this document or changed
   in source files, can be broken (as bdist_wininst in previous versions was).

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