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ncdc AWS: allow security group members to communicate
For multi-node configurations, all members of the same security group
should be able to communicate with each other. Without this change,
communication between control plane nodes and worker nodes is
functional, but communication from one control plane node to another
control plane node is blocked, as is worker node to worker node. Overlay
networks such as Calico require node-to-node communications, and this
change allows these networks to function.

Signed-off-by: Andy Goldstein <>
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amazon AWS: allow security group members to communicate Nov 8, 2018
azure Working cluster API Mar 12, 2018
digitalocean digitalocean: hotfix firewall creation Nov 5, 2018
google cloud,google: fix cluster creation Mar 23, 2018
openstack panic fix for ovh Jul 30, 2018
packet Updated cloud/ to describe how to add new cloud provider Nov 19, 2017
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Cloud package

The cloud package contains the Reconciler interface and Reconciler implementations for each cloud provider.


The tasks covered in this package include

  • rendering a universal, cloud-provider agnostic cluster representation into a representation for a specific cloud provider
  • obtaining the expected state of the cluster
  • obtaining the actual state of the cluster
  • comparing expected and actual and applying changes

The Apply function does most of the work, including

  • Building Bootstrap scripts and injecting values at the runtime
  • Creating the appropriate resources for Master node
  • Obtaining needed information for Node creation
  • Creating Nodes
  • Downloading the .kubeconfig file for the cluster from the master node

See the Kubicorn project walkthrough for a more detailed account of these components and how they interrelate.

Adding a Cloud Provider

To add a new cloud provider, please see the document Adding a new cloud provider.