MozFest 2014 Open Science Skills and Curriculum Workshop
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MozFest 2014
Pedagogical Templates/SOLO Taxonomy Maps
University of Auckland


Skills and Curriculum Mapping for Open Science

What will your session or activity allow people to make, learn or do?

We will use this session to brainstorm and map the high-level concepts and skills/competencies associated with doing reproducible, open science. Our ultimate goal is to develop a curriculum specifically targeted at graduate students and early career researchers. An audit of available learning resources, lesson plans and assessment tools will help identify gaps that need to be filled to provide a comprehensive curriculum. Concept and skills will be mapped against exemplars of graduate profiles to facilitate adoption of the programme by traditional tertiary institutions.
How do you see that working?

Session participants will be given background on the session idea, and existing resources that support the development of a concept map. Post-its, pins, string and markers abound, a live map will be created on board in a common passway throughout the day, displayed at the Science Fair (if one is planned).
How will you deal with varying numbers of participants in your session?

With 5 participants, we’ll construct the map signage and instructions for passers-by to add or comment on items throughout the day, or add known resources that support the key development needs (learning activities, skill development, assessment tools, etc) identified on the map.
With 15, we can split into focus areas of major topics after an initial brainstorm session.
With 50, less time spent on the initial brainstorm will lend to more rich learning resources being catalogued. A map can made digital, added to a wiki, and become the foundation for a portal for courses supporting open science, including existing Software Carpentry lessons and other curriculum.
What do you see as outcomes after the festival?

The outcome will form the basis of a course on open research practice suitable for credit-earning at the tertiary level (early stages of graduate school). The workshop will help identify the key elements for which learning outcomes, lesson plans and assessment tools will be needed for such a course. Existing resources will be evaluated for their suitability, and adopted and/or developed further whereas other resources may need to be built from scratch. This will enable us to build course proposals to put forward for adoption by different Institutions. A pilot course proposal will be put forward by Fabiana Kubke at the University of Auckland, School of Medical Sciences with the intention to officially run the course second semester 2015.

    Billy Meinke – @billymeinke
    M Fabiana Kubke – @kubke

Organization: Creative Commons
Theme: Open Science and the Web