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Last working clone of dired, provided by the developer (who has removed the original repo).

Forks and/or PRs are welcome, I'm not the developer of this project.

Sublime Text dired

A Sublime Text 3 plugin that displays a directory in a view, allowing easy file manipulation, loosely copied from emacs dired mode.


You can install via Sublime Package Control Or you can clone this repo into your Sublime Text 3/Packages


The plugin provides a dired command which allows you to choose a directory to display. The files in the directory are displayed in a list allowing them to be moved, renamed, or deleted.

There is no default binding for the dired command itself, but once in a dired view the following are available:

  • u - up to parent
  • n - move to next file
  • p - move to previous file
  • D - delete files
  • M - move files
  • R - rename files
  • r - refresh
  • m - toggle mark
  • U - unmark all files
  • t - toggle all marks
  • *. - mark by file extension
  • Enter - open file/directory
  • Ctrl/Alt/Cmd+Enter - open file/directory in new view

If there are marked files, operations only affect those files. Otherwise files in selections or with cursors on them are affected. This works nicely with multiple cursors and selections.


The rename command puts the view into "rename mode". The view is made editable so files can be renamed directly in the view using all of your Sublime Text tools: multiple cursors, search and replace, etc.

Use Ctrl+Enter to commit your changes and Ctrl+Escape to cancel them.

Rename compares the names before and after editing, so you must not add or remove lines.



If True, the default, pressing Enter on a directory uses the current view. If False, a new view is created.

If only one directory is selected, Cmd/Ctrl/Alt+Enter can be used to force a new view even when reuse_view is set.


Array of regular expressions matching filenames excluded from directory listing. Note that regexps are written as strings, so escape sequences must be doubled, i.e. "\\." for /\./ regexp.

By default empty, displaying all files. To hide unix dot files, you can use

  "omit_patterns": "^\\."


A Sublime Text 3 plugin that displays a directory in a view, allowing easy file manipulation, loosely copied from emacs dired mode.







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