An open source platform for satellites
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CatGarab Adding v1.8 changelog info
Adding v1.8 changelog info
Latest commit 38f4fbb Nov 9, 2018
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.circleci Updating path for unit tests Jul 27, 2018
apis Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into timestamp-fix Nov 5, 2018
ccan/json Adding NULL variable initialization Jan 9, 2018
clients Renamed file-client -> kubos-file-client. Nov 9, 2018
cmocka Change 'kubostech' to 'kubos' in all URLs Jan 9, 2018
docs Merge branch 'master' into v1.8-changelog Nov 9, 2018
examples Merge branch 'master' into python-app-rc Nov 2, 2018
hal Upgrading failure crate usage to official 0.1.2 release Aug 13, 2018
kubos-build-helper Starting to work towards cross-compiling Mar 13, 2018
libcsp Removing occasionally faulty unit test Apr 27, 2018
libs Removing lua based shell service, comms service, shell client, udp cl… Nov 9, 2018
services Renaming shell-service-rust -> shell-service. Nov 9, 2018
targets Trying to catch periodic CSP unit test failure Apr 5, 2018
test Updating telem db benchmark test to use f64 timestamp Oct 30, 2018
tinycbor Adding back tinycbor dependency for libcsp. Jan 19, 2018
tools Updating to exit on error Sep 24, 2018
unity Revert all the clahubs Jan 11, 2018
.clang-format Moving a couple more. Jan 19, 2018
.gitignore Minor docs fixes Jul 5, 2018 Update (#163) Sep 7, 2018
Cargo.lock Renaming shell-service-rust -> shell-service. Nov 9, 2018
Cargo.toml Renaming shell-service-rust -> shell-service. Nov 9, 2018
LICENSE.txt Moving a few pesky extras into keep-linux. Jan 19, 2018 Added community trello to docs (#159) Sep 6, 2018 Forcing fetching latest tags before creating new one. Jan 24, 2018 Reverting back to sphinx-build. Pointing at… Mar 5, 2018 More fixes for Circle docs generation plus combining dev/doc containers. Jun 26, 2018

KubOS CircleCI

KubOS is an open source software stack for small satellites. You can find more information about KubOS here.

Interested in building a project with KubOS? Check out our docs.

Want to get your code to space? Become a contributor! Come talk to us on Slack, and check out our Trello to see what's being worked on, what's next on the horizon, and how you can get involved!