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KubOS CircleCI

KubOS is an open-source software stack for satellites.

The KubOS system is designed to take care of every aspect of a satellite’s flight software.

Rather than operating as a single, monolithic entity, KubOS is comprised of a series of independent, yet interoperating components.

  • Mission applications control and execute the logic necessary to accomplish mission goals
  • Services expose hardware and system functionality with a controlled and uniform interface
  • Kubos Linux provides the base operating system and the drivers needed to communicate with connected hardware devices

Company website

Main Documentation Page

Getting Started

Here are some docs which we recommend you look at first when getting started with KubOS:

Contributing to KubOS

Want to get your code to space? Become a contributor!

Check out our doc on contributing to KubOS and come talk to us on Slack to join our community.

Or, if you're just looking to give some feedback, submit an issue with your feature requests or bug reports!

Repo Components

These are the important folders in this repo:

Related Repos

  • kubos-linux-build - Repo used for configuring and building KubOS images
  • cargo-kubos - Repo for a Cargo subcommand which will assist with cross-compiling Rust projects for KubOS
  • kubos-vagrant - Repo used to build the Kubos SDK