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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2018 Kubos Corporation
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# See LICENSE file for details.
API for interacting with all Pumpkin SupMCUs.
See Pumpkin SUPERNOVA Firmware Reference Manual Rev 3.28
import binascii
import struct
import time
import i2c
# Config Data
DELAY = 0.200
"supervisor": {
"firmware_version": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 0,data", "length": 48, "parsing": "str"},
"commands_parsed": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 1,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<Q"},
"scpi_errors": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 2,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<Q"},
"cpu_selftests": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 4,data", "length": 22, "parsing": "<QQhhh",
"names": ["selftest0", "selftest1", "selftest2", "selftest3", "selftest4"]},
"time": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 5,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<Q"},
"context_switches": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 6,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<Q"},
"idling_hooks": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 7,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<Q"},
"mcu_load": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 8,data", "length": 4, "parsing": "<f"},
"serial_num": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 9,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"i2c_address": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 10,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"tuning": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 11,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<b"},
"nvm_write_cycles": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 12,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"reset_cause": {"command": "SUP:TEL? 13,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"}
"sim": {},
"bim": {
"temperature": {"command": "BIM:TEL? 0,data", "length": 24, "parsing": "<ffffff",
"names": ["temp0", "temp1", "temp2", "temp3", "temp4", "temp5"]},
"uart_status": {"command": "BIM:TEL? 1,data", "length": 6, "parsing": "<hhh",
"names": ["uart1_status", "uart2_status", "uart3_status"]},
"imu": {"command": "BIM:TEL? 2,data", "length": 12, "parsing": "<hhhhhh",
"names": ["imu0", "imu1", "imu2", "imu3", "imu4", "imu5"]},
"tini_status": {"command": "BIM:TEL? 3,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"temp_scaling_offsets": {"command": "BIM:TEL? 4,data", "length": 24, "parsing": "<ffffff",
"names": ["temp0_offset", "temp1_offset", "temp2_offset", "temp3_offset", "temp4_offset", "temp5_offset"]},
"temp_scaling_factors": {"command": "BIM:TEL? 5,data", "length": 24, "parsing": "<ffffff",
"names": ["temp0_factor", "temp1_factor", "temp2_factor", "temp3_factor", "temp4_factor", "temp5_factor"]}
"gpsrm": {
"status": {"command": "GPS:TEL? 0,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "hex"},
"nmea_string": {"command": "GPS:TEL? 1,data", "length": 512, "parsing": "str"},
"propagator": {"command": "GPS:TEL? 2,data", "length": 56, "parsing": "<ddddddd",
"names": ["propagator0", "propagator1", "propagator2", "propagator3", "propagator4", "propagator5", "propagator6"]},
"oem_power": {"command": "GPS:TEL? 3,data", "length": 16, "parsing": "<ffff",
"names": ["oem_power0", "oem_power1", "oem_power2", "oem_power3"]}
"aim2": {
"status": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 0,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "hex"},
"nmea_string": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 1,data", "length": 512, "parsing": "str"},
"propagator": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 2,data", "length": 56, "parsing": "<ddddddd",
"names": ["propagator0", "propagator1", "propagator2", "propagator3", "propagator4", "propagator5", "propagator6"]},
"oem_power": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 3,data", "length": 16, "parsing": "<ffff",
"names": ["oem_power0", "oem_power1", "oem_power2", "oem_power3"]},
"gps_uart": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 4,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"gps_event_pin": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 5,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"gps_power": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 6,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"adcs_uart": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 7,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"ftdi_chip": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 8,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"adcs_power": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 9,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"wdt_period": {"command": "AIM:TEL? 10,data", "length": 4, "parsing": "<I"}
"rhm": {
"lithium_power": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 0,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"lithium_uart": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 1,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"lithium_config": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 2,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"globalstar_power": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 3,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"globalstar_uart": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 4,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"globalstar_din_out": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 5,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"globalstar_busy": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 6,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"watchdog_period": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 7,data", "length": 4, "parsing": "<I"},
"globalstar_status": {"command": "RHM:TEL? 8,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"}
"pim": {
"channel_currents": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 0,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<HHHH",
"names": ["channel0_current", "channel1_current", "channel2_current", "channel3_current"]},
"channel_resistors": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 1,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<HHHH",
"names": ["channel0_resistor", "channel1_resistor", "channel2_resistor", "channel3_resistor"]},
"channel_limits": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 2,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<HHHH",
"names": ["channel0_limit", "channel1_limit", "channel2_limit", "channel3_limit"]},
"channel_offsets": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 3,data", "length": 16, "parsing": "<ffff",
"names": ["channel0_offset", "channel1_offset", "channel2_offset", "channel3_offset"]},
"channel_factors": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 4,data", "length": 16, "parsing": "<ffff",
"names": ["channel0_factor", "channel1_factor", "channel2_factor", "channel3_factor"]},
"status": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 5,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"overcurrent_log": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 6,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<HHHH",
"names": ["channel0_overcurrent", "channel1_overcurrent", "channel2_overcurrent", "channel3_overcurrent"]},
"channel_volts": {"command": "PIM:TEL? 7,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "<HHHH",
"names": ["channel0_voltage", "channel1_voltage", "channel2_voltage", "channel3_voltage"]}
"bsm": {
"channel_currents": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 0,data", "length": 10, "parsing": "<HHHHH",
"names": ["channel0_current", "channel1_current", "channel2_current", "channel3_current", "channel4_current"]},
"channel_resistors": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 1,data", "length": 10, "parsing": "<HHHHH",
"names": ["channel0_resistor", "channel1_resistor", "channel2_resistor", "channel3_resistor", "channel4_resistor"]},
"channel_limits": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 2,data", "length": 10, "parsing": "<HHHHH",
"names": ["channel0_limit", "channel1_limit", "channel2_limit", "channel3_limit", "channel4_limit"]},
"channel_offsets": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 3,data", "length": 20, "parsing": "<fffff",
"names": ["channel0_offset", "channel1_offset", "channel2_offset", "channel3_offset", "channel4_offset"]},
"channel_factors": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 4,data", "length": 20, "parsing": "<fffff",
"names": ["channel0_factor", "channel1_factor", "channel2_factor", "channel3_factor", "channel4_factor"]},
"status": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 5,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"overcurrent_log": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 6,data", "length": 10, "parsing": "<HHHHH",
"names": ["channel0_overcurrent", "channel1_overcurrent", "channel2_overcurrent", "channel3_overcurrent", "channel4_overcurrent"]},
"temperature9": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 7,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature10": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 8,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature11": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 9,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature12": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 10,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temp_scaling_offsets": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 11,data", "length": 16, "parsing": "<ffff",
"names": ["temp9_offset", "temp10_offset", "temp11_offset", "temp12_offset"]},
"temp_scaling_factors": {"command": "BSM:TEL? 12,data", "length": 16, "parsing": "<ffff",
"names": ["temp9_factor", "temp10_factor", "temp11_factor", "temp12_factor"]}
"bm2": {
"temperature": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 8,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 9,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"current": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 10,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<h"},
"avg_current": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 11,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<h"},
"relative_soc": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 13,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"absolute_soc": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 14,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"remaining_capacity": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 15,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"full_capacity": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 16,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"time_to_empty": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 17,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"avg_to_empty": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 18,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"avg_to_full": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 19,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"charging_current": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 20,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"charging_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 21,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"battery_status": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 22,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "hex"},
"cycle_count": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 23,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"design_capacity": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 24,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"design_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 25,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature1": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 48,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature2": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 49,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature3": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 50,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature4": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 51,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"bm2_status": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 52,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "hex"},
"perm_fail_time": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 53,data", "length": 15, "parsing": "str"},
"perm_fail_register": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 54,data", "length": 4, "parsing": "hex"},
"sbs_read": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 55,data", "length": 32, "parsing": "hex"},
"flash_read": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 56,data", "length": 32, "parsing": "hex"},
"manu_access_read": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 57,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "hex"},
"func_return": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 58,data", "length": 8, "parsing": "hex"},
"cell4_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 60,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"cell3_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 61,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"cell2_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 62,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"cell1_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 63,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature5": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 71,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature6": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 72,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature7": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 73,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temperature8": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 74,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temp_scaling_offsets": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 75,data", "length": 24, "parsing": "<ffffff",
"names": ["temp1_offset", "temp2_offset", "temp3_offset", "temp4_offset", "temp5_offset", "temp6_offset"]},
"temp_scaling_factors": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 76,data", "length": 24, "parsing": "<ffffff",
"names": ["temp1_factor", "temp2_factor", "temp3_factor", "temp4_factor", "temp5_factor", "temp6_factor"]},
"safety_alert": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 80,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"safety_status": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 81,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"perm_fail_alert": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 82,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"perm_fail_status": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 83,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"operation_status": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 84,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"charging_status": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 85,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"pack_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 90,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"avg_voltage": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 93,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"ts1_temp": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 94,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<h"},
"ts2_temp": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 95,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<h"},
"safety_alert2": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 104,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"safety_status2": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 105,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"perm_fail_alert2": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 106,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"perm_fail_status2": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 107,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"},
"temp_range": {"command": "BM2:TEL? 114,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<H"}
"dasa": {
"motor_position": {"command": "DASA:TEL? 0,data", "length": 4, "parsing": "<i"},
"motor_angle": {"command": "DASA:TEL? 1,data", "length": 4, "parsing": "<f"},
"motor_status": {"command": "DASA:TEL? 2,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"pinpull_status": {"command": "DASA:TEL? 3,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"rail_status": {"command": "DASA:TEL? 4,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"motor_stop_mode": {"command": "DASA:TEL? 5,data", "length": 1, "parsing": "<B"},
"epsm": {
"bcr1": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 0,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["bcr1_voltage", "bcr1_volt_max", "bcr1_current", "bcr1_curr_limit", "bcr1_status"]},
"bcr2": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 1,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["bcr2_voltage", "bcr2_volt_max", "bcr2_current", "bcr2_curr_limit", "bcr2_status"]},
"bcr3": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 2,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["bcr3_voltage", "bcr3_volt_max", "bcr3_current", "bcr3_curr_limit", "bcr3_status"]},
"bcr4": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 3,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["bcr4_voltage", "bcr4_volt_max", "bcr4_current", "bcr4_curr_limit", "bcr4_status"]},
"bcr5": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 4,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["bcr5_voltage", "bcr5_volt_max", "bcr5_current", "bcr5_curr_limit", "bcr5_status"]},
"bcr6": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 5,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["bcr6_voltage", "bcr6_volt_max", "bcr6_current", "bcr6_curr_limit", "bcr6_status"]},
"3_3v": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 6,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["3_3v_voltage", "3_3v_volt_max", "3_3v_current", "3_3v_curr_limit", "3_3v_status"]},
"5v": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 7,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["5v_voltage", "5v_volt_max", "5v_current", "5v_curr_limit", "5v_status"]},
"12v": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 8,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["12v_voltage", "12v_volt_max", "12v_current", "12v_curr_limit", "12v_status"]},
"aux": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 9,data", "length": 9, "parsing": "<HHhhB",
"names": ["aux_voltage", "aux_volt_max", "aux_current", "aux_curr_limit", "aux_status"]},
"fpga_version": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 10,data", "length": 2, "parsing": "<BB",
"names": ["fpga_version_0", "fpga_version_1"]},
"batt1": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 11,data", "length": 5, "parsing": "<hHB",
"names": ["batt1_current", "batt1_voltage", "batt1_status"]},
"batt2": {"command": "EPS:TEL? 12,data", "length": 5, "parsing": "<hHB",
"names": ["batt2_current", "batt2_voltage", "batt2_status"]},
# End Config Data
class MCU:
def __init__(self, address):
Sets the bus number and stores the address
self.i2cfile = i2c.I2C(bus=I2C_BUS_NUM)
self.address = address
def write(self, command):
Write command used to append the proper stopbyte to all writes.
if type(command) is str:
command = str.encode(command)
if type(command) is bytes:
return self.i2cfile.write(
device=self.address, data=command+b'\x0A')
raise TypeError('Commands must be str or bytes.')
def read(self, count):
return, count=count)
def read_telemetry(self, module, fields=["all"]):
Read and parse specific fields from the MCUs that are contained in the
config file.
module = string module name. Must exactly match the module name in the
config file and the I2C address must be valid and non-zero. If address
is 0, it assumes the module is not present/not configured.
fields = list of strings, strings must exactly match fields in
the config file listed in the "telemetry" section under "supervisor" or
the specific module name. If field is left blank it defaults to ["all"],
which pulls all available telemetry for that module.
Output: A dict with keys for all fields requested with "timestamp" and
"data" keys for each field.
requests = self._build_telemetry_dict(module=module, fields=fields)
output = self._read_telemetry_items(dict=requests)
return output
def _build_telemetry_dict(self, module, fields=["all"]):
This method builds the dictionary of requested data.
if module not in TELEMETRY:
# Check that module is listed in config file
raise KeyError(
'Module name: '+str(module)+' not found in mcu_config file.')
if type(fields) != list:
# Validate fields input type
raise TypeError(
'fields argument must be a list of fieldnames from ' +
'the configuration data. Input: ' + str(fields))
module_telem = TELEMETRY[module]
supervisor_telem = TELEMETRY['supervisor']
if fields == ["all"]:
# Pulling all info
requests = module_telem
return requests
# Builds requested dict
# Validates fields input values
requests = {}
for field in fields:
if field in module_telem:
requests[field] = module_telem[field]
elif field in supervisor_telem:
requests[field] = supervisor_telem[field]
raise KeyError('Invalid field: '+str(field))
return requests
def _read_telemetry_items(self, dict):
Creates the output_dict, reads the data, inputs it into parsing mehods,
then inserts and formats it in the output_dict.
# Create empty dictionary
output_dict = {}
for telem_field in dict:
input_dict = dict[telem_field]
# Write command for the MCU to prepare the data
# Delay time specified in the config parameter
# (specified in the Pumpkin Firmware Reference Manual)
# Read the data
raw_read_data =['length']+HEADER_SIZE)
# Check and parse the header into a formatted dict
read_data = self._header_parse(raw_read_data)
# Parse the data
parsed_data = self._unpack(
return output_dict
def _header_parse(self, data):
Parses the header data. Format is:
[data ready flag][timestamp][data]
output format is:
If the data ready flag is not set, it sets the timestamp to 0
if data[0] != 1:
# Returns 0 for timestamp if data was not ready, but still returns
# the data for debugging purposes.
# telemetry data}
return {'timestamp': 0, 'data': data[HEADER_SIZE:]}
# Unpack timestamp in seconds.
timestamp = struct.unpack('<i', data[1:HEADER_SIZE])[0]/100.0
# Return the valid packet timestamp and data
return {'timestamp': timestamp, 'data': data[HEADER_SIZE:]}
def _unpack(self, parsing, data):
Basically just an abstraction of struct.unpack() to allow for types that
are not standard in the method.
Input data read over I2C from a Pumpkin module and parsing string that
indicates a special parsing method or is a valid format string for the
python struct.unpack() method.
Outputs a tuple where each field is an item parsed.
if type(parsing) not in [str, bytes]:
# Check that parsing is a valid type
raise TypeError(
'Parsing field must be a valid struct parsing string. Input: '
+ str(type(parsing)))
if type(data) is str:
data = data.encode()
if parsing == "str":
# Search for the null terminator,
# return the leading string in a tuple
str_data = data.split(b'\0')[0]
return (str_data.decode(),)
elif parsing == "hex":
# Store as a hex string. This is so we can return binary data.
# Return as a single field in a tuple
return (binascii.hexlify(data).decode(),)
# All others parse directly with the parsing string.
return struct.unpack(parsing, data)
def _format_data(self, telem_field, input_dict, read_data, parsed_data):
Takes in the read data, parsed data, and the input dictionary and outputs
a formatted dictionary in the form of:
'fieldname': {'timestamp': int,'data': parsed data},
output_dict = {}
if "names" in input_dict:
if len(parsed_data) == 1:
raise KeyError(
"Only one item parsed but subfields are listed: " +
if len(parsed_data) > 1:
# Multiple items parsed
if "names" not in input_dict:
raise KeyError(
"Must be a names field when multiple items are parsed: " +
if len(input_dict['names']) != len(parsed_data):
raise KeyError(
"Number of field names doesn't match parsing strings: " +
for ind, field in enumerate(input_dict['names']):
{field: {
'timestamp': read_data['timestamp'],
'data': parsed_data[ind]}})
# Single item parsed - pull in dict then update with parsed data.
# Must be done in this order otherwise it generates a keyerror.
output_dict[telem_field] = read_data
output_dict[telem_field]['data'] = parsed_data[0]
return output_dict
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