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Serial Communications Service

This example communications service provides communications functionality over a serial link and gives a template for how to structure a communications service project.

KISS framing is implemented to preserve message integrity over the serial link.

A more detailed tutorial on how to create a new communications service can be found here


This service expects a service configuration file in either the default location or to be passed in at runtime like so cargo run -- -c config.toml.

The service expects the following sections and settings to be present:

[serial-comms-service] -- Service specific configuration
bus = "/dev/ttyUSB0" -- Serial bus to use
[serial-comms-service.addr] -- GraphQL configuration
ip = "" -- IP to bind GraphQL server to
port = 8012 -- Port to listen on for GraphQL queries
[serial-comms-service.comms] -- Communications service configuration
handler_port_min = 14000 -- Starting port to bind to when creating message handlers
handler_port_max = 14010 -- Ending port to bind to when creating message handlers
downlink_ports = [14011] -- Ports to listen for local traffic on
timeout = 1 -- Timeout when listening for packet response
ground_port = 14020 -- Port to send ground communications on
ground_ip = "" -- IP to expect ground communications from
satellite_ip = "" -- IP to bind Communications service listener to

When the service has started correctly it will display output like so:

2019-01-18T13:00:32.512854973-06:00 INFO serial_comms_service - Serial Communications Service starting on /dev/ttyUSB0
2019-01-18T13:00:32.513053752-06:00 INFO comms_service::service - Communication service started
2019-01-18T13:00:32.513855-06:00 INFO kubos_service::service - Listening on: