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The Integration Test Script

This script runs a series of test described in the test_config.json file.


    $ ./test_runner.py <Path-to-config-file> <device-path>

NOTE device-path defaults to /dev/FTDI if not provided

The JSON schema is as follows:

Example Test Config:

    "device": {
        "baudrate": 115200,
        "prompt": "~ # ",
        "target": "kubos-linux-isis-gcc",
        "timeout": 2
    "login": {
        "username": "root",
        "password": "Kubos123"
    "tests": [
            "name": "Command and Control Ping Test",
            "pre_test": "ls",
            "build_source": "https://github.com/kubos/kubos-linux-example",
            "flash_source": "Path to some file",
            "test_command" : "/usr/bin/c2 exec core ping",
            "post_test": "pwd",
            "expected_regex": true,
            "expected_test_output": "Return Code: 0\nExecution Time \\d\\.\\d{6}\nOutput: Pong!"


The device description that will be used during the test. This is a required section

  • baudrate - The baudrate for the serial connection the target device is using. Defaults to 115200 if not provided.
  • prompt - The command line prompt that the target device uses. This is needed for response parsing purposes.
  • target - The Kubos CLI Target name for building projects.
  • timeout - The maximum time to wait for reading serial output from the board. Defaults to 10 seconds if not provided.


This section's options should be self descriptive

  • username - defaults to "root" if not provided
  • password - defaults to "Kubos123" if not provided

This is not a required section. If it's not provided no login will be attempted. It's assumed that your device is already logged into and has an active shell running.


This section is an array of test descriptions. The tests are run in the order they are listed in the array.

  • name - The name of the test. For user recognition only. This has no effect on the test.
  • abort_on_failure - If true and this test fails, the runner will quit and not run any following tests. If not provided, it defaults to false.
  • pre_test - A shell command that will be executed before cloning, building, or running any tests. This attribute is not required
  • build_source - A description of where the test source is located. This can be a local directory or a git repo url. This section is not required. If not provided, no binaries will be built.
  • flash_source - The path to what should be flashed to the target. If you have a build source specified this attribute is not necessary. It is intended to be used to upload non-built resources (like shell scripts)
  • test_command - The actual command that will be executed on the board to start the test on the target device.
  • post_test - A shell command that will be run on the Host after all the tests and assertions have been made. This attribute is not required.
  • exepected_regex - A boolean that tells the test runner if the expected text is a python regex or not. If not provided, it is assumed false.
  • expected_test_output - A string, or regex that will be checked against the shell output from the target device