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Latest commit a45c986 Oct 11, 2017 @CatGarab CatGarab Generic radio API
Generic radio API
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ci Removing the ci folder. May 11, 2017
cmd-control-client removing library command interface Apr 12, 2017
cmd-control-daemon Moving the daemon log Jun 2, 2017
cmocka Cleaned up some test warnings. Jan 12, 2017
cmsis Merge branch 'cmsis-core-st' Oct 18, 2016
command-and-control removing library command interface Apr 12, 2017
commands moving to for loops Jun 20, 2017
docs Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into radio-api Oct 10, 2017
examples Fixing typos. Adding copyright Sep 22, 2017
freertos Merge branch 'master' into docs_csp_freertos Jun 27, 2017
hal Removing unneeded files. Using simplified Doxygen config Oct 2, 2017
ipc Getting ipc module building/testing. Jul 31, 2017
kubos-core Update some hash-bangs to use python2 over python. Jul 6, 2017
kubos-rt Moved kubos-rt files to kubos-rt dir Oct 18, 2016
libcsp Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/python-version Sep 25, 2017
linux-telemetry-service Modified to allow building telemetry service for native x86 target. May 31, 2017
radio/radio-api Missed one uint8_t->enum conversion Oct 10, 2017
services/telemetry Clean up from code reviews. Sep 14, 2017
targets Predefining bus device names in target.json since they don't always s… Sep 26, 2017
telemetry-aggregator Updating project to include anchors. Updated kubos to… Apr 7, 2017
telemetry-storage Added testTargets attribute to specify which targets should be allowe… Jul 31, 2017
test/integration Fixing integration test output Sep 26, 2017
tinycbor Adding in tinycbor library from Mar 7, 2017
tools Adding initial radio API docs Oct 2, 2017
unity Moved unity header files into proper folder. Oct 31, 2016
.clang-format Fixing formatting. Mostly bracket-on-own-line changes Jun 2, 2017
.gitignore First sphinx generation - kubos-hal. Apr 24, 2017
.travis.yml re-enable travis builds using yotta based targets and tests Apr 14, 2016 Initial example. Based on kubos-csp-example. Jan 13, 2017
Jenkinsfile Merge branch 'jenkinsnode' of into jenkins… Dec 31, 2016
LICENSE.txt Initial commit of the new interactive shell example Jan 12, 2017 Adding circleCI badge to README and removing the --rm option on the c… Feb 7, 2017 Added kubos_link tool. Modified to take optional paramet… Aug 30, 2016
circle.yml Single test passed. Now run all the tests. Jul 21, 2017 Fixing a bug in the version regex that incorrectly classified tag types Jun 2, 2017

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KubOS is an open source software stack for small satellites. You can find more information about KubOS here.

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